Collegiate Stadium Seat or Arena Floor Color Top Pen

The seats are hard, uncomfortable and absolutely perfect. The basketball floor feels close enough to touch. Celebrate the stadium seats & arena floors where fans have cheered on their school for generations.

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If you can't make it to the venue for the game, maybe the venue can make it to you. These unique pens are crafted from wood stadium seats from Universities where football pride is a graduation requirement. If you are majoring in basketball vs football, browse hardwood floor from University arena basket ball courts.
These chrome-plated smooth as silk rollerball pens feature the seat or floor wood twice: the barrel is turned from the wood and the exterior weathered or painted surface is set in the top.

Wood from Notre Dame, Michigan, Rose Bowl & Cal were all in-stadium. Ohio State was virgin redwood bench seating on reserve for installation.

Laser engraved with the University name.
All items come in a Collegiate themed gift box.

The pen is conveniently sized, measuring 5" long and a slim 7/16" in diameter


Officially licensed by CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) & the University.

The salvaged stadium seat wood used to make these items have been procured directly from the Universities or official University partners.

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An authenticity card is included with each item.

Note, in the case of Ohio Stadium the wood is reserve redwood which was part of the original shipment of seat wood to Ohio Stadium and was set aside for future repairs and replacement. Later the Stadium switched to plastic and aluminum seats.


Your pen should provide years of trouble-free service but will need a refill cartridge from time to time. It ships as a rollerball (the super smooth, black, wet ink) but can also use a ballpoint refill. If you want a rollerball refill, look for the widely available Schmidt P8126 or P8127 capless rollerball refill. The "P" is important, a Schmidt 8126 or 8127 refill will be too long to fit this pen.

If you prefer a ballpoint refill (the oil based ink that lasts a long time but not as smooth writing) look for any Parker style ballpoint refill, also widely available.

If you experience difficulties finding a refill or if your pen needs repair please contact us.

A Little Bit Beaten and Off the Beaten Path

Tokens Collegiate Collections are crafted for grads, alums & those still toughing it out toward their degree. Much of sports related items are built around the school logos which tend to be front & center... and rather large. The idea behind this was to create something understated. Take wallets made from smooth European style leather on the outside, revealing a flash of colorful uniform inside. The kind of wallet that can go to the game and afterward be shared with fellow faithful over dinner in a fine restaurant.

Remember the splinters from the hard, cold benches you cheered your team from? We get rid of those but we leave the rest of the weathered cracks, bumps, bruises & blemishes intact to remind you how tough it was as you open a beverage from the safety of your sofa.

Celebrate achievement and your school in a unique way... the logo printers won't mind.

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